Singapore and Malaysia holiday

Our Singapore and Malaysia holiday has finally come to an end. We checked out of our hotel and caught a taxi to the airport. I had an argument with the cab driver as he wanted to charge us to much and not until I got out of the taxi and told him I would get another one did he agree to the price. We were flying on Airasia to Singapore. The plane turned around in 25 minutes from landing and was on time. There is less leg room however the flight was direct and it was cheap. We had about 8 hours in Singapore airport to kill. They did have a free city tour however since we had to clear immigration and drop our bags for our flight home we were unable to do this as you are not aloud to entre Singapore twice in the same day. We watched a movie at the free cinemas in Terminal 3 and the looked around at the free butterfly park and gardens.

The highlight of the holiday was defiantly Langkawi and staying at The Danna resort. The staff were so lovely and could not do enough for you. The weather was awesome most of the time and the island is so laid back and quiet. The beaches are beautiful and the jungle so untouched. If you come here you must do the jet ski tour. It was excellent and you were able to see all the limestone cliffs and over hangs up close. If coming here you have to hire a car for a day or two. It is not expensive, there is no traffic and you really get to see the entire island. We have been to Phuket and Langkawi is so much better.

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