Hong Kong and Macau 2018

We had 4 day in Hong Kong on our way back from the Philippines. We stayed in Kowloon at the BP international. This hotel is well priced and in an awesome location. The rooms are small and the hotel is getting a bit tired however for the price and location it is worth it. The rooms are being renovated currently so I am sure it will improve over time.


There are a number of good walks around Hong Kong that you can go on to escape the hustle and bustle or to get good views of the city. We did the Eagles Nest nature trail. Details can be found HERE. There are some good views of the city and it can be easily accessed via a bus.


This is the main reason why I wanted to visit Hong Kong. We went to Tim Ho Wan the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. It is a dim Sum restaurant. The BBQ pork buns are to die for. Everything we had was tasty and came quickly. We went to Yat Tung Heen restaurant. The Peking duck is amazing. Another favourite was Chung Kee Desserts. We love our asian dessert places and this one was excellent. There are so many options. Little Bao which is covered in many travel blogs is very good. It is a bit on the pricey side. The ice cream Boa is so good. Another one that we stumbled across due to the large amount of people that were in there was Kau Kee. This is a brisket place and it was well priced and very good. Lots of flavor. If you are up for some egg pancakes then mummy pancake is very good. They server the pancakes in many different flavors.

Places We Visited

Lantau island cable car and fish market. The cable car is easy to get to. There is a MTR station at the start. Once you get to the top there are a few temples and a giant Buddha. The fishing village are about 15- 20 minutes from the top. There is a bus that leaves once per hour or you can catch a taxir for between 50-60hkd. The fishing village is well worth the visit. YOu can jsut walk around all of the small lane ways over the water and see how they still live. There are plenty of places to eat. The boat ride is more of a gimmick then anything as you can see everything from walking around the village. It is not to expensive however I would probably not do it again.


We caught the Turbo Jet ferry from Kowloon. It takes about one hour to reach Macau. We read on a travel blog that the best way to get around is to catch the free casino shuttle buses. This worked very well. You can access them via the escaltor that goes up to a walkway above the public bus area. You know you are in the right place as there are small signes everywhere. We first caught the shuttle to the Venetian. From here you can access the Taipa Village. From where you are dropped off there is a walk way over the main road straight into the village. It is only a short walk. We looked around the old town. On the way over we spotted an elevator on the side of the hill. We thought that you would have to pay for it however it is free. There are excellent views from the top. There is also a nice walk to the top of the hill where the radio towers are. We caught the elevator back down then walk around to the front of the Venetian. We had a look through the Venetian then walked across to the PARISIAN MACAO where the Eiffel Tower is. We had the intention of going up the Eiffel Tower however it is a bit pricey and we had already been at the lookout. We caught the free bus back to the ferry terminal from the Parisian.

Once we were back at the free bus area we then caught the bus to the Grand Lisboa. This is the closest bus to where the Monte Fort and old town area. We had lunch here at a Spanish restaurant. There is plenty to see around the fort including the ruins of a church, Old shops and many almond biscuit shops. They all have free tastings so we were full after hitting a few up. We also walked into a temply not knowing that it was private and met a lady from the Ho family that are in control of Macau which was interesting. We found out that you cant catch the Grand Lisboa bus back to the ferry terminal without gambling in the casino however there is an underground walkway over to the Wynn casino and the bus terminal on the other side of it has free buses back to the ferry.

Temple Street Night Markets

The Temple Street markets are worth a visit. They go for quite a few blocks and there are plenty of restaurants around the area. They sell everything from electronics to souvenirs. We went here after looking at the lights from the building at 8PM. The lights were quite disappointing and i am sure they were better last time we were here.

Overall Hong Kong is worth a visit however i thought that Singapore was a much nicer city. I also thought that Hong Kong would have been cheaper. Makre sure you get an Octopus card. Also getting to and from the airport is much cheaper and takes around the same time as the fast train if you take a bus.


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