Malaysia – Langkawi Day 5

This was our last full day in Langkawi. As the resort we were staying at (The Danna) was so awesome we wanted to spend the whole day here relaxing by the pool etc. In the morning I had a massage and Nikketah had a body wrap at the spa. I had a sore back from the fist day we were there when I tripped into the pool and jarred my back. After the massage all of the pain was gone and it still has not returned. I should have had this done at the start.

We watched a movie in our room after this as the weather was a little bad. By the time the movie had finished the sun started to come out and it fined up to a nice day. Most of the time the rain only lasts and hour or so. It also tends to bypass the resort and stay slightly inland around the mountains.

We had an afternoon tea at the resort for lunch and stayed by the pool for the rest of the day. For dinner on Fridays the resort has a BBQ and the staff do a traditional dance. The food was really good. Normally it is held outside however they were not sure what the weather was going to do.

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