Malaysia – Malacca

Today we visited Malacca which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is a fair bit to see here and the history dates back to 1400. We visited St. Peter Church, Dutch Square, St Paul’s Church, A-Farmosa (Portuguese Fortress 1511), Sultan Palace, Studhuys (Dutch Building), Cheng Hong Teng Temple, Kampung Kling Mosque, Sri Poyata Temple, Jonker Street, Flor de la Mar (Replica Portuguese Boat which sunk in 1511)

Inside the old town there were many buildings that were quite old and had very different architecture to what we have seen in Malaysia. There are many different shops selling anything from souvenirs to food to little shoes for feet binding.

Melacca is about 2 hours from KL and can easily be visited in a day however longer would be required to see everything. We did get stuck in a traffic jam on the way home as there are many more cars on the road on Fridays as that is Prayer day.

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