Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur Day 1

Today we headed out to the Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur first up. We decided to catch the train as we had read it was very cheap and easy. We headed to KL Sentral train station which is next to our hotel. The tickets cost 4RM per person return. So about $1.30 AUD each. It took about 40 minutes to get to Batu Caves station. The caves are right next to the train so that makes it easy. There are 3 caves at the site. We went to 2 of them.

First we saw the Ramayana Cave. There was a guy at the front collecting money. We were not sure if he was legit but it was only RM2 (less than $1) to entre so we paid him anyway. This cave had many statues that were painted and was well kept.

We then walked over to the main Batu Cave. There is a giant 140-foot golden statue of Lord Murugan, the Hindu god of war, victory, wisdom, and love. This cave is free and has 242 steps that go straight up to the top. There are many Monkeys that live there. Do not take food with you as they will take it from you and they are very fast.

When we had finished at the cave we caught the train back to KL Sentral and decided to go for a swim at the hotel as it was hot. Once we were done here we headed out to find the Monorail as we had booked a trip up the Petronis Towers. On the map it looks like the monorail is in the KL Sentral station but it is actually out the back and you need to walk a fair distance to get to it. It looks like there is a new shopping centre being built and it will connect one day to the main station. The monorail is also expensive compared to the train. It cost RM 4.4 to go one way only a few stops. We then had to change to the red line train anyway so we should have just caught it from the train station.

We had about an hour before our Petronis tour so we went to the Traders Hotel Skybar. This is at the top of the Traders Hotel and overlooks the Petronis Towers. It has free entry and drinks are not to expensive.

We walked back over to the Petronis Towers. They have a crazy system that they use to give out tickets. You can book so many online with a website that has an expired certificate. They then also give out so many at 8:30 am each day. You can then also book 3 days in advance at the ticket office anytime. We had already booked tickets online and did not have a problem however there were lots of people that the poor lady at the counter was having arguments with.

The tour is well worth it. First you go to the Skybridge that is half way up then you go all the way to the top. You can see the other tower from the observation deck. Once we were finished we headed down and had dinner at one of the many restaurants in the shopping centre. I had an Assam Laksa which was really nice.

By this time it was dark so we headed out to look at the towers lit up. Once we were done here we headed back to the red line which is right next to Petronis and caught the train over to china town markets. The markets have all the normal fake items however they are no where near as cheap as Thailand and you need to bargain very hard. We picked up a couple of shirts and headed back to the hotel for much needed sleep.

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