EUR Trip Day1-2, Plane, Plane, Plane, Train, Bus, Ferry, Bus = Brisbane to Paris

Hi everyone,

Well after 3 planes, an underground train ride, a bus, a ferry and a bus ride, the Cuneos have finally made it from Brisbane to Paris in just 53 hours! The plane flights were great and consisted mainly of food and sleep. After dinner in Qantas Club Brisbane, we were given dinner again on our flight to Mewlbourne. To our surprise in Qantas Club Melbourne at 10:30pm at night, a waiter brings us hot chips to our seat- we couldn’t resist! Which brought us to a total of 3 dinners in one night. On board the 747 Jumbo to London via Hong Kong, we were given Dinner once again- make that 4 dinners in 6 hours! Then before landing in Hong Kong we were treated to breakfast. On the ground in Hong Kong airport we made our way to Qantas Club Hong Kong for a much appreciated shower in our own private suites! Breakfast was being served in the club- hot pancakes we couldn’t let go. Back on board the same Qantas plane for the HK to London leg, to our surprise yet another breakfast was served.
Finally after a 13hr flight and numerous movies & tv shows later we landed at Heathrow. After getting through customs quickly we made our way to the underground railway- a very long walk. We got off the underground after 51 minutes at Russell Square for a short walk to our hotel ‘Royal National London’ and a check-in base for Contiki.

We had dinner in an English pub called ‘The Swan’ and then made it back to the hotel for an early night. We woke up at 2am thinking it was the morning- jet lag was kicking in. The Contiki bus left the hotel at 7:30am for a 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Dover to board the ferry. The ferry was 1 1/2 hours and took us to Calais, France- our first arrival into Europe. Then a 4hr bus ride into Paris to our hotel. Finally we had made it!
Looking forward to our 3 course dinner and then a Paris tour tonight and hopefully a visit to the Eiffel Tour.

Tomorrow we are planning to visit all the great sights of Paris and negotiate our way through the Paris metro train system. Then finish the night with a visit to the Moulin Rouge Cabaret show.

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